When it comes to specialised LLM’s, a tax LLM has been one of the most popular options amongst law graduates across the world. In fact, a Tax LLM is one of the oldest specialised LLMs offered by US law schools; the one at NYU for instance, was established in 1945.

With an increasingly globalised world, and taxation structures, the number of foreign trained lawyers enrolling for a Tax LLM in the US has also increased.

This includes India, with an increasing number of Indian law graduates looking at the US Tax LLM. If you happen to be one of them, here are three first-person accounts which may help you make a more informed choice.

Adithya Reddy

Who: Adithya Reddy

Where: University of Florida’s Levin College of Law

Why: When it comes to career services for LLM students, UF Law is among the best in the country. Even before we were admitted into the LLM program, all aspiring LLM candidates were given a sneak peek into the Program’s career services.

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Who: Jose Faina 

Where: New York University School of Law

Why: My decision focused then on the overall prestige, tuition, scholarships and location. In this regard, NYU is known for being the top LLM program for Tax Law in the U.S. and it is located at the heart of the financial center of the world.

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Niyati Jigyasi is a '20 LL.M. graduate from Georgetown University Law Centre, where she completed the Taxation LL.M.

Who: Niyati Jigyasi 

Where: Georgetown University Law Centre

Why: I was sure that I would go there as Georgetown has one of most prestigious Taxation LL.M program in the U.S.

Georgetown is one of the few universities with the Externship program which gives LL.M students the opportunity to work with an organization during the academic year and get academic credits for the same.

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