The Admission Interviews, are meant to provide insights into LL.M. admissions right from the law school itself. The primary idea behind this series is to provide that little bit of extra information that may not be available on the law school’s website.

Steven Freedman, the Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Kansas School of Law.
Steven Freedman, University of Kansas School of Law.

In this edition, we speak with Steven Freedman, the Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Kansas School of Law. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the value of a US LLM, why the accelerated JD may make more sense for international lawyers who are looking to work in the US, and a lot more.

We try to ask this to as many people as we can – what do you think is the value of an international LL.M.?

There are many benefits to acquiring an LL.M. at a U.S. law school including one year of in depth study of the American legal system, eligibility to join state bars in a limited number of states, as well as the chance to spend a year in a wonderful location.

And how does KU’s School of Law deliver on this?

KU Law provides an outstanding opportunity for LL.M. students seeking curriculum flexibility at a very reasonable tuition rate. With the LL.M. in American Legal Studies, students can either follow a curriculum that prepares them for the N.Y. bar exam, or choose a tailored curriculum in the field of their choice.

Regardless of the classes students choose, they will all enjoy some of the most reasonable per credit and per semester rates in the U.S. All while studying at the University of Kansas, an AAU accredited comprehensive doctoral-research university that among the premier universities in the Midwest United States.

Finally, students enjoy living in the beautiful and safe city of Lawrence, Kansas, one of America’s quintessential college towns.

How has the School of Law dealt with the Covid pandemic? Is there anything that prospective LLM applicants ought to keep in mind while considering KU School of Law?

For international students we have invited our LL.M. students to defer their entry until January, 2020 or until such time as the student visa process allows travel to the U.S.

You also offer an accelerated JD programme for international lawyers. In your experience, what has been some of the most valuable takeaways for international lawyers who have opted for this course?

The two main benefits of the program are an additional year of study of the American legal system and eligibility to join the bar in all fifty states.  Further, students graduating with a JD have a very significant employment advantage for practicing in the United States.

Given the short nature of the LLM itself, how do you think international lawyers can make the most of their LLM experience?

Learn the culture as much as the law.

Lastly, what advice would you have for the Indian law graduate who may be considering applying for an LLM to a US law school?

I think the folks who benefit most from LL.M. programs are those who use that knowledge to practice law in their home country.

LL.M. students seeking employment in the U.S. face substantial challenges. Not only are bar passage rates low after just one year of study, but employers show a strong preference for JD graduates.

For students whose goal is to practice law in the U.S., we recommend the 2-Year JD program.