The LLM #Admission Interviews: Daria Kozlowska-Rautiainen on the ICAL LL.M., Stockholm University

When you are studying, it is about much more than just learning what has been assigned; it is about researching on your own, searching for the information, and broadening our knowledge to satisfy your genuine academic curiosity.

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Prof. Jennifer S. Stevenson, William & Mary Law School

Students need to work hard in class, as well as outside class. International lawyers should make the most of the experience with their colleagues by participating and adding value to classroom debates and activities. 

The LLM #Admission Interviews: John N. Riccardi, Boston University School of Law

An LLM experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create and expand one’s global professional network. Our alumni network consists of roughly 24,000 alumni in over 100 countries.

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Andrea McLeod-Karim, Victoria University of Wellington

While it is always disappointing to need to delay plans, students should remember that they’re not alone, there are thousands of students worldwide in a similar situation. They should choose the best option for them as per their safety, learning outcomes and the experience they’ll receive.

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Stephen G. Barnes, Penn State Law School

Assistant Dean Stephen Barnes heads PennState Law School 's Graduate and International Programs team

Prospective applicants exploring LL.M. options should take into account the overall academic reputation of the university (and not just the law school), and also be mindful of the significant benefits of the alumni networks available. 

The #LLM Admission Interviews: Prof. Douglas Brodie, Strathclyde University

Professor Douglas Brodie is the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Strathclyde.

our Law School is not “ancient” nor would we want to be. We’ve been educating lawyers for 50 years and our teaching is informed by current research.

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Puteri S. Amirnuddin, Taylor’s University

Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin is the Programme Director for Master of Laws at Taylor’s University.

The Admission Interviews, are meant to provide insights into LLM admissions right from the law school itself. The primary idea behind this series is to provide that little bit of extra information that may not be available on the law school’s website. Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin is the Programme Director for Master of Laws at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. I…… Continue reading The LLM #Admission Interviews: Puteri S. Amirnuddin, Taylor’s University

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Anitha Cadambi, USC Gould School of Law

Amicus Partners speaks with Anitha Cadambi who is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law at USC Gould School of Law.

As much you want to tell the law school you are applying to why they should admit you, I think it’s equally important to tell the law school why you picked them.

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