A few months ago, Priyadarshini and I started compiling information on Indian law graduates who have pursued a master’s course outside the country.
Thus far, we have (some) data on about 150 law grads. Given that the data is quite scattered, I would not want to really draw any conclusions. Not yet, anyway.
But what has struck me during this exercise is the sheer variety of careers embarked upon post the master’s course.
And the variety in the courses themselves.


Although an LLM is, by far, the favourite, there are more than a few who have chosen non-law specific courses.  Which is particularly interesting to me because it goes back to the notion that legal education is meant to be an inter-disciplinary affair. That the (true) study of law cannot be done in a silo of sorts.
Or, perhaps the lines above are a classic case of confirmation bias.
Anyway, to get greater feedback, we have compiled a 12-question survey that can be taken here.