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The Amicus blog is now open to sponsored posts from international law schools who are looking to build their India LLM/JD recruitments.

But first, some introductory notes.

What is the Amicus blog?

Started way back in 2018, the Amicus blog was always meant to help Indian law students and graduates who are interested in pursuing an LLM abroad. Thus far, the content of the blog has centred on interviews of past and current LLM candidates, with questions on the LLM application process, how they went about shortlisting which schools to apply to etc.

There have also been interviews with law school faculty and graduate admissions team on the application process, as well as what their law schools look for in prospective applicants. This has not only helped applicants but also allowed foreign law schools (and their teams) to build stronger connections with Indian applicants.

Lastly, the blog also contains a bit of analysis (such as why recommendation letters are a bit of sham) as well as “guide compilations” such as this one which has a list of deadlines for LLM applications.

How has the blog performed?

In 2019, the blog garnered roughly 65,000 page views. The next year it was more than 150,000 page views and nearly 100,000 visitors.  More importantly, nearly half of these page views were organic which means that our readers are searching for (and hopefully finding) some very specific information.

The major chunk of readership comes from India, but there are also readers from Singapore, Germany, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia amongst other countries.

Why should you advertise on the Amicus blog?

Simple. The Amicus blog is solely dedicated to the Indian LLM applicant. Nothing more, nothing less.

With the various pulls and pressures that your graduate admissions team face, the Amicus blog offers a fantastic platform to broaden your law school’s outreach with minimal cost.

You can use the blog to:

  • Publish interviews of your dean and/or faculty members
  • Build awareness about online or in-person outreach events
  • Make important announcements relating to the LLM admission/programme

How much will it cost?

We are currently offering the following rates:

  • $250 per sponsored post
  • $1,200 for 6 posts spread over 6 months

All posts will also be shared via the Amicus LinkedIn page which has over 4,000 followers.

By the way, we also offer customised marketing campaigns for international law schools.

For more information write in to

(Lead Photo by Ursula Ott on Unsplash)

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