The Game Changers is a series of short interviews wherein we ask LL.M. graduates to identify one individual who has had a substantial impact on the individual’s LL.M. experience.

There are two purposes of this series: one, to highlight the fact that each LL.M. experience is unique, and two, to recognise individuals who have made an impact on someone’s life.

Anjali Chawla is a 2017 graduate of Jindal Global Law School (B.A. LL.B.) who enrolled for the Master of Law in International Commercial Arbitration (ICAL)
Anjali Chawla (ICAL, Stockholm University)

In this post Anjali Chawla shares her Game Changer during her time as an LL.M. candidate of the International Commercial Arbitration Law LL.M. at Stockholm University

The Game Changer: Weida Chen, Legal Assistant at Global Law Office (Classmate and dear friend).

Why is he the Game Changer?

You are what you believe in, You become that which you believe you can become.”- Bhagavad Gita

Growing up, I have heard these words, so many times from my parents. Primarily because, my parents, especially my father always believed in the manifestation of positivity into the universe. I am sure, each one of us has those people, who make an effort to inculcate the beliefs into us that we are the best in this world and that the best shall come to us.

Despite having that energy and knowing things at heart, sometimes things do go blur, maybe because humans in difficult times agree to settle for less or overthinking further adds to it.

What do we do in those cases? We rise again. How? Well with the help of that one person, who knows what to say/do at the right time.

Honestly, it is difficult to name any one person, who has impacted my LL.M. journey, since my class was filled with beautiful beings, who were there for each other through thick and thin. But if I have to name one, that has to be Weida Chen.

Weida cannot be described in words, I feel it is rather valuing him less to describe him just as a person, would rather call him a zen master. Not having a good day, self-doubt is troubling you, could not find any reading, or just looking for any tech support or new software for the project, the answer would be call Weida.


To recall our first interaction it is rather funny, it was our first day at university and our class was sitting in a cafeteria for our first meet and greet. As we all introduced, one after another, Weida introduced himself as a boring ordinary person. Trust me, he was none. Weida was a one-man show. He is a friend that everyone deserves.

I have never met someone who is so candid, not only he will listen to you patiently, but will always come up with some suggestions to help you. During my masters, there was a time, when I was dealing with some issues that also affected my studies, and also made me self-doubt my potential.  He helped me through my course. He was the best critique for my work, I do not remember a time when I would ask for help and he would refuse. He would read my work and provided helpful feedback. Also, I can certify him to be the best person to work around any software, you mention any glitch and he would speak a command. He bought positivity and that encouragement that I was desperately looking for.

It’s been two years since we have concluded our programme, and there is not even a single day when I do not thank him in my heart. Unfortunately, we cannot speak that frequently because of technological interphase in both the jurisdictions or as Weida liked to pretend that he lives on Mars. Even now, when I have something to decide, I would ask myself, What would Weida have said?