First Person Accounts (FPA’s) are meant to provide a first-hand account of Indian graduates who have pursued, or are pursuing, a post-graduate course (LL.M. or otherwise) from different universities across the world.

Meera Nazer completed the European Masters in Law and Economics('18), a course she undertook right after completing her undergraduate degree from NUALS
Meera Nazer

Meera Nazer completed the European Masters in Law and Economics (’18), a course she undertook right after completing her undergraduate degree from NUALS. In this FPA, she shares some thoughts on applying for an LLM, the EMLE programme, and a whole lot more.

As an undergraduate student, when did you start planning for a master’s? And did you ever consider working for a while before pursuing a postgraduate degree?

I began planning by the end of my 4th year of law school. I considered it as a ticket to a better future than working first.

How did you go about selecting where to apply? What attracted you to the EMLE programme?

I am someone who loves travelling and learning about different cultures. The multi-university course structure of EMLE and the assurance I received from the alumni about the kind of exposure I would stand to get from EMLE program attracted me to it.

I was extremely interested in competition law, so to strengthen my knowledge in economics as well and I had applied for masters in economics at GSE Barcelona simultaneously. EMLE gave me a triple masters (2 LLMs and 1 MA Economics).

Did you apply for/receive financial aid?

I applied for and received financial aid from the Erasmus Mundus foundation.

Within the EMLE, how did you select the universities where you wished to study?

I researched about the standing and the professors who taught at each university who would help me better write the thesis.

How was the master’s experience? What were some of the highlights of the course? 

It was the most enriching in terms of knowledge of the subjects and self. Freedom to think out of box and reason rather than to reproduce textbook ideas was the highlight of the course along with the multi cultural approach to learning and understanding law.

Looking back, how has the EMLE helped you in your professional career?

How I view work and work in tandem with the business goals compared to that of my colleagues is because EMLE helped me economically analyze the laws and issues.

Lastly, any advice for Indian law graduates who may be considering a master’s abroad? 

Select a particular area of law which interests you before you go rather than going for a general LLM.


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