As most readers know by now, First Person Accounts (FPA’s) are meant to provide a first-hand account of Indian law graduates who have pursued, or are currently pursuing, a post-graduate course (be it an LLM or otherwise) from different schools across the world.

The FPA (International) is meant to broaden this scope somewhat, getting non-Indian law graduates to discuss their LL.M. experiences in different law schools from across the world. The idea behind the FPA(I) interviews is to help the Indian law graduate better understand her potential cohort, and also expand the LL.M. conversation in general.

Faith Pepela Mumia is currently pursuing a master’s in law from Koç University in Turkey. In this interview, she shares her reasons for opting for the LLM with a thesis option, the most enjoyable aspect of the LL.M. experience thus far, and a whole lot more.

Why have you decided to pursue a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree?

I am in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the Legal Code that protects us from anarchy. I love the law and its ability to lead and follow change in society for the continuation of peaceful co-existence. An LLM would be a conduit to the attainment of that understanding, and also professional growth.

Why did you choose to study at Koç University?

Koç University is one of the best universities in Turkey and in the world. I was aware of the impeccable track record and professional qualifications and skills that the Law Faculty rightly boasts of and greatly desired to be moulded further into a better academic and lawyer by them.

Koç University also inspires trust in their international students and that created a feeling of being in a home away from home.

Could you describe the LL.M. course you are studying?

I am currently studying in the LLM with Thesis in Public Law. It comprises core public law courses such as Comparative Constitutional, International Criminal Law and Human Rights Law together with other minor public law courses and gives more in-depth understanding as to their operation in the present day society as well the contemporary issues that arise from their application or lack thereof.

Which classes do you like most and why?

Currently, per the timetable I have only had interaction with 3 courses and greatly enjoy all of them. I love the Transnational European Criminal Law and Procedure Class, the Investment Treaty and Arbitration Class and the International Labour Law class because all of them involve intense professor-student engagement, sound discussions, in-depth seminars and teaching and a lot of learning.

How do you finance your education?

The University graciously offered me a scholarship which included 100% Tuition Waiver and Student Housing. My parents support me financially to cover my living expenses.

What was your most exiting, interesting, astonishing or hilarious experience at Koç University so far?

This happened recently. I had my birthday and the students of the faculty and our faculty coordinator brought me cake with candles and sang “Happy Birthday” for me. I was very excited to note that the University not only cares for my growth intellectually but also cares for wholesome growth socially as well.

What is the best thing about the program?

The transformation and student-student and professor-student engagement that happens during Seminars.

Name three terms that you associate with the word “law”.

Change. Peace. Hope.

What are your plans after graduating?

I intend to proceed to a PhD, continue publishing, get actively involved in Policy Development and Research, and even teaching.

What advice do you have prospective students?

If you are looking to be challenged intellectually in the field of Law, look no further. Koç University is an institution with amazing facilities and home to innovative and transformative thinking and research as well as globally recognized professors. It is a place that inspires hope and trust with its treatment of international students of all backgrounds.

You can find more about the LLM program here and the PhD in law program here. You can also read an interview with Esra Ozcan, Executive Director at Koç University Law School.


(Disclosure: Amicus Partners is an authorised agent representative of Koç University. The contents of this interview were provided by Koç University)