First Person Accounts: Niyati Jigyasi on the Taxation LL.M. at Georgetown University Law Centre

The entire process of applications is tiring and stressful, but the kind of exposure you get during your one year of LL.M, at a personal and professional level, will make it all worth it.

First Person Accounts: Aarthi Sivarajan on the LL.M. at Georgetown, JD at Singapore Management University

GULC allows LL.M. students to pursue an externship program in the Spring Semester, which I felt would increase my practical exposure in the United States in addition to theoretical knowledge.

First Person Accounts: Mohit Khubchandani on the LL.M. at Stanford Law School, career in International Law

Public International Law can seem like a bumpy road, especially in the initial years of your practice. You have to zone out yourselves and not look at the steady career progression of your peers working at law firms or as litigators.

First Person Accounts: Pavani N. Bhat on the LL.M. at Harvard Law School

One of the great things about HLS is the infinite amount of lunch/coffee talks on so many interesting contemporary and historical legal issues. Not only that, you can also cross-register for courses at other Harvard schools.

First Person Accounts: Almitra Gupta on the LL.M. at Penn Law, Executive LL.M. at King’s College London

Make the most of your LLM experience by meeting and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Seek to create meaningful bonds with people without only focusing on what’s in it for me.