First Person Accounts: Almitra Gupta on the LL.M. at Penn Law, Executive LL.M. at King’s College London

Make the most of your LLM experience by meeting and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Seek to create meaningful bonds with people without only focusing on what’s in it for me.

First Person Accounts: Radhika Saxena on the LL.M. at the University of Pennsylvania

Radhika Saxena graduated from Delhi University's Campus Law Centre in 2015, and worked in the chambers of senior counsel, Indira Jaising, before enrolling for the LLM at the University of Pennsylvania ('19).

UPenn also has multiple cross-disciplinary courses and certificates of study and you are allowed to take one class outside the law school without any additional fee.

First Person Accounts: Shouryendu Ray on the LL.M. at UPenn, writing the NY Bar & more

Shouryenu Ray (LLM, UPenn)

The LL.M. course is an immersive, rigorous programme with a steep learning curve. It doesn’t help that the setting is also unfamiliar. But it is truly an other-worldly experience – a chance for you to make friends with people from all around the world, get exposed to their culture and way of thinking and see things from a very different perspective.

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