The Amicus Interviews: Deborshi Barat on the MALD at Fletchers, legal research & more

Deborshi Barat is a PhD scholar at the Fletcher School, Tufts University the same institute where he completed the MA in Law & Diplomacy as well as an LL.M.

The famous collegiality of the Fletcher ‘mafia’ is a different experience altogether, and one learns a lot from one’s peers as well, especially because the range of perspectives, nationalities, professional backgrounds, and world-views is staggering.

First Person Accounts: Annapurna Sreehari on the Masters of Arts in Law & Diplomacy, the Fletcher School

I would characterise my experience at Fletcher more as a “horizon-expansion” as opposed to unlearning. During my time there, I purposely chose courses that are not offered in a typical law program.

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