First Person Accounts: Sreejita Mitra on LL.M. applications at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

I had two criteria while shortlisting universities. First was the country I wanted to study in and second was the course. The UK was always my preferred choice and the universities I decided to apply to were the ones that had impressive Competition Law Courses

First Person Accounts: Tinaz Kalyanvala on the International Dispute Resolution LLM, QMUL

In addition to the course being taught from an international comparative point of view our classes at any given point in time easily has students from a minimum of 10 jurisdictions if not more.

First Person Accounts: Bikram Chaudhuri on the Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LL.M., QMUL

Bikram Chaudhuri is a dispute resolution lawyer who opted for the LL.M. in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution at Queen Mary University of London

For me, the fact that a candidate has an LLM degree is not automatically impressive. What matters is whether the degree and the experience have added any real value to him/her.

First Person Accounts: Umika Sharma on the LL.M. from QMUL, PhD at National University of Singapore (Part I)

Umika Sharma is currently a PhD Scholar (Law) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Here at NUS, the research community is vibrant and very active and invites all the doctoral students to research workshops where doctoral candidates as well as faculty present their research and seek comments.

First Person Accounts: Nimisha Thomas on an LL.M. from Queen Mary University of London

I feel that an LLM is an enriching experience and one should really consider doing it. However, a PG degree from abroad cannot guarantee you a job either in the international scenario or India.

First Person Accounts: Prashanth Shivadass on an LLM from Queen Mary University of London

In this FPA edition, we get to speak with Prashanth S Shivadass who received an LLM in Competition Law from Queen Mary University of London (Class of ’16).

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