First Person Accounts: Ankita Rath on the LL.M. at Boston College Law School

There are way too many factors to weigh and ensure that you get your money’s worth during the course and after the completion of the same. I am not sure if I have any life-altering advices, but there are a few things that I wish I did.

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Stephen G. Barnes, Penn State Law School

Assistant Dean Stephen Barnes heads PennState Law School 's Graduate and International Programs team

Prospective applicants exploring LL.M. options should take into account the overall academic reputation of the university (and not just the law school), and also be mindful of the significant benefits of the alumni networks available. 

Four great resources for writing a good Personal Statement

Personal statements are never the easiest things to draft. Nor, for that matter, are statements of purpose. In fact, when it comes to LLM admissions in particular, I have found that apart from actually selecting where to apply, it is these documents that can often take the most amount of effort. But, not to worry.…… Continue reading Four great resources for writing a good Personal Statement

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