First Person Accounts: Dharmesh Khandelwal on the LL.M. at Penn State Law

I opted for Penn State because it has got some great faculty such as Prof. Catharine Rogers and Prof. Thomas E. Carbonneau who are very experienced scholars in the field of international arbitration

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Stephen G. Barnes, Penn State Law School

Assistant Dean Stephen Barnes heads PennState Law School 's Graduate and International Programs team

Prospective applicants exploring LL.M. options should take into account the overall academic reputation of the university (and not just the law school), and also be mindful of the significant benefits of the alumni networks available. 

The Amicus Interviews: Lennora Crilov on the Penn State LL.M., global recruitments & more

Lennora Crilov on the LL.M. from Penn State Law School

Lennora Crilov graduated from Amity Law School, Noida in 2016 and then enrolled for the LL.M. course at Penn State Law School. She is currently the Head of Department – Academic Mobility and Accreditations at the Narxoz School Law & Public Policy, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

First Person Accounts: Ekakshra Mahajan on an LL.M. from Penn State Law, the NY Bar exam & more

Political uncertainties across the world affect us domestically and gaining global exposure definitely provides an individual an effective niche. So, it might be wrong to suggest that an LL.M. does not help an individual wishing to litigate.

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