First Person Accounts: Archa Rajeevi on applying for the IADR LL.M. at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

I chose NUS because I felt the degree would expose me both to the arbitration and the dispute resolution. I also really liked the extensive list of modules offered at NUS. Some of them, for example, are mediation, negotiation, future of international arbitration in Asia pacific region, energy arbitration and so on

First Person Accounts: Anushka Arora on the LL.M. at National University of Singapore, IPR specialisation & more

Sleepless nights, exams (6 hours long to 24 hours long), class presentations, moots, conferences, daily class grading’s, daily extensive readings for class, all in just roughly 10 months. I believe this was the main reason why I chose NUS from the options I had, as I wanted to train and push myself to limits I had never been too.