First Person Accounts: Niyati Jigyasi on the Taxation LL.M. at Georgetown University Law Centre

The entire process of applications is tiring and stressful, but the kind of exposure you get during your one year of LL.M, at a personal and professional level, will make it all worth it.

First Person Accounts: Reetu Vishwakarma on the LL.M. from the Institute for Law & Finance (Frankfurt)

The ILF offers courses in finance and economics in addition to banking and finance law. The course is designed in way that even graduates from business background can pursue it. It attempts to bring law and business graduates on the same page.

First Person Accounts: Pallavi Railkar on the LL.M. at Columbia Law School

Pallavi Railkar graduated from NLIU Bhopal in 2011. Five years later, she enrolled for the LL.M. at Columbia Law School.

I recommend gaining some experience before an LLM degree. It also gives you clarity about your interest areas which helps you to design your LLM program accordingly.

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