First Person Accounts: Ishani Dash on the LL.M. at NYU School of Law

Ultimately, you know yourself best, so I would suggest make your statement as interesting as possible. Most people who apply to foreign universities are obviously very qualified, but you can stand out by making your statement both personal and interesting.

First Person Accounts: Shruti Iyer on the NYU@NUS Double Masters

Shruti Iyer is a 2010 graduate of ILS Law College, Pune who enrolled for the double masters NYU@NUS programme

One of the biggest plus points for me has been developing this network of friends all around the globe who are all doing extremely well. No doubt it is a great asset to have from a business perspective, but it holds far greater value to me personally.

First Person Accounts: Pallavi Railkar on the LL.M. at Columbia Law School

Pallavi Railkar graduated from NLIU Bhopal in 2011. Five years later, she enrolled for the LL.M. at Columbia Law School.

I recommend gaining some experience before an LLM degree. It also gives you clarity about your interest areas which helps you to design your LLM program accordingly.

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