First Person Accounts: Param Pandya on the MSc in Law & Finance, Oxford University

The MLF programme at the University of Oxford is a unique blend wherein the candidates are taught basics of finance while the law subjects focus on these basic concepts and explain how law and policy would attempt to address gaps.

First Person Accounts: Siddharth Tewari on the LL.M. at George Washington University

Siddharth Tewari tells Amicus Partners about his time as an LL.M. candidate at The George Washington University.

A lot of times people enrol in LLM and go through it without recognizing any value addition to their experience or learning. It looks good on a resume but what it will do for you personally is the question that should have an answer for.

First Person Accounts: Rachaita Saha on the LL.M. at Florida State University

Rachaita Saha on her LLM experience at Florida State University

Rachaita Saha shares her thoughts on an LL.M. at the College of Law in Florida State University. what got her to FSU, and a lot more.

First Person Accounts: Riya P. Raaj on the GPLL.M. at the University of Toronto

Riya P Raaj on the GP LLM at University of Toronto

Think about the course that calls to you, that you can proudly say you hold a master’s degree in. What you can proudly say, not your family and not society. Do an LL.M only if you want to.

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