Be a student of the world around you: Sanjana Tikkoo, MBA (Tuck School of Business), BA LLB (Jamia Milia Islamia)

I wanted to add elements of decision orientation to my skills of process orientation and drive transactions instead of being driven by the process. So, I decided to get an MBA to round-out my skillset before moving over to investment banking.

First Person Accounts: Supraja Subramanian on the MSc. at Edinburgh Napier, LL.M. at Maastricht University

Remember that an LLM is not the only option out there! In depth research is necessary as every degree, every university and every course offers something different.

First Person Accounts: Vidhi Shah on the Accelerated JD at Rutgers Law School

I was sure that I wanted to practice corporate law with a focus on securities law and what better than a school providing me an opportunity of a 2 year JD program, right across the river from the NYSE and the NASDAQ.

First Person Accounts: Kirthana S. Khurana on the MCL at the University of Cambridge

The MCL course is more strenuous than the LLM course at Cambridge, as we took six courses against four in LLM, and were examined thrice in an academic term. To be honest, this was extremely stressful at times.

MPP Mondays (Part I): What is a Master’s in Public Policy?

Postgraduate public policy degrees are gaining popularity in India, particularly amongst lawyers looking to work on broader national and international issues. Schools that offer Masters’ degrees in this field have been around for a few decades though – especially in the United States.

First Person Accounts: Param Pandya on the MSc in Law & Finance, Oxford University

The MLF programme at the University of Oxford is a unique blend wherein the candidates are taught basics of finance while the law subjects focus on these basic concepts and explain how law and policy would attempt to address gaps.

First Person Accounts: Neelu Mohan on the Executive LL.M. at Columbia Law School

A graduate of ILS Pune ('13), Neelu is currently a junior counsel in the chambers of Senior Advocate Nakul Dewan.

“In short, it was one of the best summers of my life! I got to meet and learn with some amazing people from different parts of the world, and share stories over different cuisines and accents!”

The Amicus Interviews: Deborshi Barat on the MALD at Fletchers, legal research & more

Deborshi Barat is a PhD scholar at the Fletcher School, Tufts University the same institute where he completed the MA in Law & Diplomacy as well as an LL.M.

The famous collegiality of the Fletcher ‘mafia’ is a different experience altogether, and one learns a lot from one’s peers as well, especially because the range of perspectives, nationalities, professional backgrounds, and world-views is staggering.

First Person Accounts: Annapurna Sreehari on the Masters of Arts in Law & Diplomacy, the Fletcher School

I would characterise my experience at Fletcher more as a “horizon-expansion” as opposed to unlearning. During my time there, I purposely chose courses that are not offered in a typical law program.

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