#StudentCorner: I want to pursue an foreign LL.M. This is why.

Being in my fourth year of law school, I often face dilemmas where different bits of advice are offered by different people. I’m still conflicted as to whether I should obtain some work experience and then go abroad or jump right in. And I also deliberate over whether an LLM degree would serve me better or a JD

The Amicus Interviews: Professor Petra Butler on International Commercial Arbitration, legal education & more

Research and writing are creative and the environment a researcher needs to flourish will be very individual. The best a university can do is to create an environment where there is space for each researcher to be creative. 

Here are 7 Summer Schools law students can still attend this year

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Short-term summer programs have been long sought after by law students as a means to expose themselves to foreign education, interact with faculty members from some of the best universities in the world, and foster relationships.

First Person Accounts: Atharva Sontakke on the LL.M. at LSE

Academically, the most valuable experience for me was a massive improvement in the most basic skills that any lawyer must possess, that is, critical thinking, analytical thinking, and writing skills.

The Alternates: Annie Philip, Saahas Zero Waste

We live in a world which really allows us to be innovative with the work we would like to do. So, take that risk to try out what you truly like. And don’t worry if things don’t work out, a law degree is a fantastic safety net and you can always come back to more traditional careers.

The LLM #Admission Interviews: Andrea McLeod-Karim, Victoria University of Wellington

While it is always disappointing to need to delay plans, students should remember that they’re not alone, there are thousands of students worldwide in a similar situation. They should choose the best option for them as per their safety, learning outcomes and the experience they’ll receive.

First Person Accounts: Saraswati Iyer on the LL.M. at California Western Law School

The LLM was a great experience, mixed with both learning and fun. I look back and think of every single aspect of the program and the culture, and now see how it added immense value to my experience overall.

We are working with every applicant to find a viable solution! – UNH Franklin Pierce Law School’s Sarah Dorner

We understand flexibility is critical right now, so please reach out if you want to discuss your individual situation and we will work with you to find a solution!

The Amicus Interviews: Professor Reena Patel (Part I)

The breadth of the curriculum, covering 60 courses over 5 years itself was a huge change and brought many new, multidisciplinary course offerings that had never been taught, such as Law and Rural Development, Environmental Law, among others.

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