First Person Accounts: Harleen Sethi on the IP & Tech Law LL.M. at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

My number one advice to any LL.M. applicant would be to be a 100% sure as to why you want to pursue your masters and what value addition will the course bring to the table.

First Person Accounts: Jatinder Singh on the IP LL.M. offered by Ankara-WIPO

The course structure includes visit to Turkish Patent office IP seminars which provide excellent networking opportunities; and prospective internship and career opportunities with WIPO, EUIPO and TurkPatent.

We are working with every applicant to find a viable solution! – UNH Franklin Pierce Law School’s Sarah Dorner

We understand flexibility is critical right now, so please reach out if you want to discuss your individual situation and we will work with you to find a solution!

First Person Accounts: Nidhi Jhawar on the IP LL.M. at the University of Turin & WIPO

I recommend the course highly to lawyers and non-lawyers alike for three primary reasons – a nuanced understanding of intellectual property rights; prospective internship and career opportunities post-graduation with WIPO, EUIPO and distinguished professors; and excellent networking opportunities.

First Person Accounts: Stutee Nag on the IP LL.M. at the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

“I managed to reach out to some good law firms in New York through the faculty. It was a great networking experience altogether. In other words, I built the foundation of my career in the U.S. at Franklin Pierce itself”

First Person Accounts: Poroma Banerjee on the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center LL.M.

If you join as a scholar you learn from lawyers, if you join as a lawyer you learn from scholars. After the completion of the course you will be wired to think differently and get involved in business approached that include innovation.

First Person Accounts: Romil Mehta on the IP LL.M. at Queensland University of Technology

This might be surprising and unbelievable but I had no other immediate backup plan other than Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I had applied to only one university i.e. QUT.

First Person Accounts: Siddharth Tewari on the LL.M. at George Washington University

Siddharth Tewari tells Amicus Partners about his time as an LL.M. candidate at The George Washington University.

A lot of times people enrol in LLM and go through it without recognizing any value addition to their experience or learning. It looks good on a resume but what it will do for you personally is the question that should have an answer for.

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