First Person Accounts: Sindana Ulaganathan on the LL.M. Finance, at the Institute for Law & Finance (ILF)

From a first reading of the description of the courses offered and based on the fact that only about 60 students are admitted each year, I expected the LL.M. Finance program to be competitive and challenging.

First Person Accounts: Ishan Zahoor on the LL.M. International Finance, Institute for Law & Finance at Goethe University

The ILF was formed especially to provide LLM degree in Banking and Finance, keeping in mind the requirements of today’s corporate legal professional who come from diverse jurisdictions and hence a bespoke program was created

First Person Accounts: Reetu Vishwakarma on the LL.M. from the Institute for Law & Finance (Frankfurt)

The ILF offers courses in finance and economics in addition to banking and finance law. The course is designed in way that even graduates from business background can pursue it. It attempts to bring law and business graduates on the same page.

First Person Accounts: Anirban Roy Choudhury on the LL.M. at the Institute for Law & Finance, University of Frankfurt

Anirban Roy Choudhury

Anirban Roy Choudhury shares his thoughts on the LL.M. at the Institute for Law & Finance, University of Frankfurt, a course he is currently enrolled at.