Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Indian law schools, legal education & more (Part II)

Law schools need to create incentives to enable students to take up work that they are passionate about, rather than doing a bewildering number of internships for the sole reason that other law students are.

The Amicus Interviews: Kanad Bagchi on Europa Institut, Oxford’s MLF, Academia (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part, Kanad Bagchi and I discuss legal academia, the BA LLB degree and the future of Indian law schools, working in India, and a whole lot more.

#Interviews: Molina Asthana on Australian LLMs, work-life balance & more

I came across Molina Asthana’s profile while looking for Indian law graduates who had made the shift to Australia. And the more I read about her, the more I thought she would make for a good interview for Amicus Partners. A lawyer practicing in Delhi, Molina moved to Australia in 2004. A masters from Melbourne…… Continue reading #Interviews: Molina Asthana on Australian LLMs, work-life balance & more

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