Here are 7 Summer Schools law students can still attend this year

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Short-term summer programs have been long sought after by law students as a means to expose themselves to foreign education, interact with faculty members from some of the best universities in the world, and foster relationships.

First Person Accounts: Atharva Sontakke on the LL.M. at LSE

Academically, the most valuable experience for me was a massive improvement in the most basic skills that any lawyer must possess, that is, critical thinking, analytical thinking, and writing skills.

The Amicus Interviews: Professor Reena Patel (Part I)

The breadth of the curriculum, covering 60 courses over 5 years itself was a huge change and brought many new, multidisciplinary course offerings that had never been taught, such as Law and Rural Development, Environmental Law, among others.

Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Indian law schools, legal education & more (Part II)

Law schools need to create incentives to enable students to take up work that they are passionate about, rather than doing a bewildering number of internships for the sole reason that other law students are.

The Amicus Interviews: Malavika Prasad on legal education, “social capital” & much more.

Malavika Prasad

We know that in the name of filtering for students of a certain ability, merit filters out those who could not access the education and social capital that nurtures such ability.

The Amicus Interviews: Kanad Bagchi on Europa Institut, Oxford’s MLF, Academia (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part, Kanad Bagchi and I discuss legal academia, the BA LLB degree and the future of Indian law schools, working in India, and a whole lot more.

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