The Amicus Interviews: Shreya Jain on International Commercial Arbitration, the HLS LL.M.

The Amicus Interviews are meant for broader discussions on legal education, and the legal profession at the global level. Along with the legal research and law schools, these interviews are meant to bring across a slightly “macro” perspective on things. Shreya Jain is a 2014 graduate of NLSIU, Bangalore who went on to complete an…… Continue reading The Amicus Interviews: Shreya Jain on International Commercial Arbitration, the HLS LL.M.

First Person Accounts: Pavani N. Bhat on the LL.M. at Harvard Law School

One of the great things about HLS is the infinite amount of lunch/coffee talks on so many interesting contemporary and historical legal issues. Not only that, you can also cross-register for courses at other Harvard schools.

First Person Accounts: Rupavardhini B.R. on the LL.M. at Harvard Law School

The civil services are still fairly a generalist’s domain but I hoped a masters would allow more opportunities for me to work in specific areas. An LLM felt like a better fit with my law degree rather than a public policy course.

Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Indian law schools, legal education & more (Part II)

Law schools need to create incentives to enable students to take up work that they are passionate about, rather than doing a bewildering number of internships for the sole reason that other law students are.

The Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Harvard Law, Gates Cambridge & more (Part I)

The LL.M. is a broad-ranging experience so the purpose cannot be anything but subjective. Ask yourself why you want to do it and this will likely yield answers to when and where you would like to pursue it.

First Person Accounts: Vatsal Vasudev on the LL.M. at Harvard Law School

Vatsal Vasudev, a graduate of the National Law University Jodhpur ('16) is currently a dispute settlement lawyer at the WTO

I would like to put it out there that one need not have studied at one of the top law schools or have the best grades possible to have a shot at getting into their preferred law school, so long as they can show that they excelled at something they considered the most meaningful as a student or a practitioner.

First Person Accounts: Sagnik Das on the Inlaks scholarship, LL.M. at Harvard Law School

Sagnik Das graduated from National Law University Jodhpur (Class of '16) and spent the better part of two years clerking in the Delhi High Court. He recently completed an LL.M. course from Harvard Law School ('19) a

Harvard Law School teaches you not just what the law is, but really much more about how to question it and develop a critical and analytical approach to its study.

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