First Person Accounts: Almitra Gupta on the LL.M. at Penn Law, Executive LL.M. at King’s College London

Make the most of your LLM experience by meeting and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Seek to create meaningful bonds with people without only focusing on what’s in it for me.

First Person Accounts: Vidhi Shah on the Accelerated JD at Rutgers Law School

I was sure that I wanted to practice corporate law with a focus on securities law and what better than a school providing me an opportunity of a 2 year JD program, right across the river from the NYSE and the NASDAQ.

First Person Accounts: Shachi Jain on the LL.M. at National University of Singapore (NUS)

Since an LL.M. was more of an academic endeavor to me, I was looking forward to delving deeper into subjects that excited me the most and hoped to understand them from a comparative perspective.

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