First Person Accounts: Niyati Jigyasi on the Taxation LL.M. at Georgetown University Law Centre

The entire process of applications is tiring and stressful, but the kind of exposure you get during your one year of LL.M, at a personal and professional level, will make it all worth it.

First Person Accounts: Aarthi Sivarajan on the LL.M. at Georgetown, JD at Singapore Management University

GULC allows LL.M. students to pursue an externship program in the Spring Semester, which I felt would increase my practical exposure in the United States in addition to theoretical knowledge.

First Person Accounts: Vineet Hegde on the Georgetown LL.M., PhD at KU Leuven

I know I have also made some friends for life. I have taken up learning a new language, trying my hand at a musical instrument, abstract painting, reading books in my mother tongue etc. Bottomline: zero regrets.

First Person Accounts: Yashaswini Mittal on an LLM from Georgetown University

Yashaswini Mittal on the Global Health Law LLM at Georgetown University, being a research assistant, the benefits of an international LLM and more. 

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