First Person Accounts: Ishan Zahoor on the LL.M. International Finance, Institute for Law & Finance at Goethe University

The ILF was formed especially to provide LLM degree in Banking and Finance, keeping in mind the requirements of today’s corporate legal professional who come from diverse jurisdictions and hence a bespoke program was created

First Person Accounts: Shanya Ruhela on the Cambridge LLM, PhD at Tilburg University

A Ph.D. is about finding your method in madness. One realises that a doctorate journey (like life itself) is a process. There are Eureka moments but these are few and far between.

First Person Accounts: Prajwal Gyawali on the EMLE, “100 rejections project” & more

I think there is some sort of a peer pressure in law schools that you need to do a master’s program from a reputed institution or else you are looked down upon. Well of course it would be great to get a masters from one of the big universities. But we don’t keep in mind the financial aspect of it. And we almost never speak about it with our friends or alumni.

The Amicus Interviews: Kanad Bagchi on Europa Institut, Oxford’s MLF, Academia (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part, Kanad Bagchi and I discuss legal academia, the BA LLB degree and the future of Indian law schools, working in India, and a whole lot more.

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