#Webinar: Learn more about the LL.M.’s offered by Koç University’s School of Law

Are you interested in pursuing an LL.M. degree with a strong focus on international and comparative studies of law in Istanbul, Turkey? If you want to set yourself apart from the pack, join the Koç University School of Law webinar on Friday, 12 June at 18:30 hours (IST) Find out from faculty members what makes…… Continue reading #Webinar: Learn more about the LL.M.’s offered by Koç University’s School of Law

The Amicus Interviews: Professor Petra Butler on International Commercial Arbitration, legal education & more

Research and writing are creative and the environment a researcher needs to flourish will be very individual. The best a university can do is to create an environment where there is space for each researcher to be creative. 

First Person Accounts: Dr. Shashwat Bajpai on the BCL at the University of Oxford, legal education & more

If we can somehow emulate, let’s say the ‘Tutorial’ concept from the BCL course into the Indian legal education system (it’s a long shout, I know!), then we can truly have the National Law Universities/Law Schools amongst the most prestigious in the world.

First Person Accounts: Vineet Hegde on the Georgetown LL.M., PhD at KU Leuven

I know I have also made some friends for life. I have taken up learning a new language, trying my hand at a musical instrument, abstract painting, reading books in my mother tongue etc. Bottomline: zero regrets.

The Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Harvard Law, Gates Cambridge & more (Part I)

The LL.M. is a broad-ranging experience so the purpose cannot be anything but subjective. Ask yourself why you want to do it and this will likely yield answers to when and where you would like to pursue it.

First Person Accounts: Umika Sharma on the PhD at National University of Singapore NUS (Part II)

Umika Sharma is currently a PhD Scholar (Law) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Just make sure that your topic is of interest to you. Not something that’s popular or which others think should be researched on.

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