First Person Accounts: Kirthana S. Khurana on the MCL at the University of Cambridge

The MCL course is more strenuous than the LLM course at Cambridge, as we took six courses against four in LLM, and were examined thrice in an academic term. To be honest, this was extremely stressful at times.

First Person Accounts: Krishan Insan on the Chevening Scholarship, QMUL LL.M.

Krishan G. Insan is currently pursuing an LL.M. at Queen Mary University of London where he is also a Chevening scholar.

The Chevening Scholarship provides you with a platform to connect with the global community of more than 50,000 scholars around the globe in diversified domains.

First Person Accounts: Radhika Saxena on the LL.M. at the University of Pennsylvania

Radhika Saxena graduated from Delhi University's Campus Law Centre in 2015, and worked in the chambers of senior counsel, Indira Jaising, before enrolling for the LLM at the University of Pennsylvania ('19).

UPenn also has multiple cross-disciplinary courses and certificates of study and you are allowed to take one class outside the law school without any additional fee.

First Person Accounts: Sumridhi Kaur on the JD at Cornell Law School

Potentially, an LLB from India in combination with an LLM from Harvard, Yale, Columbia will get you to the same place, employment wise. But, three years of legal education in one of the most sophisticated legal systems with the most powerful supreme court in the world will reshape you as an individual. 

First Person Accounts: Shaurya Upadhyay on the LL.M. at LSE

Shaurya Upadhyay

The reasons for you to do the LL.M will always be unique to you, so you must always look at this bigger picture, and use external advice (including this interview) only to fill informational voids.

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