First Person Accounts: Neelu Mohan on the Executive LL.M. at Columbia Law School

A graduate of ILS Pune ('13), Neelu is currently a junior counsel in the chambers of Senior Advocate Nakul Dewan.

“In short, it was one of the best summers of my life! I got to meet and learn with some amazing people from different parts of the world, and share stories over different cuisines and accents!”

First Person Accounts: Pallavi Railkar on the LL.M. at Columbia Law School

Pallavi Railkar graduated from NLIU Bhopal in 2011. Five years later, she enrolled for the LL.M. at Columbia Law School.

I recommend gaining some experience before an LLM degree. It also gives you clarity about your interest areas which helps you to design your LLM program accordingly.

First Person Accounts: Conrad Noronha on the JD at Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School has a reputation for being very competitive, which I am learning is not entirely true. The students out here are extremely driven and hardworking, but many go out of their way to help each other.

First Person Accounts: Dhruv Suri on Columbia Law School, Indian law firms & more

Dhruv Suri, PSA Legal

According to me, an LLM makes sense only if you can afford it without causing any extreme financial setback to yourself or your family or if you have gotten a scholarship, fee waiver or a subsidized student loan that you believe you can re-pay.

The Amicus Podcast: Ep 04 with Tara Ollapally (CAMP Mediation)

Tara Ollapally talks about her own experiences as a law student, first at ULC Bangalore and then at Columbia Law School. She also discusses the urgent need to push mediation, especially in commercial disputes. And lastly, she talks about how lawyers can make good mediators, and whether our legal education equips today’s lawyers with the…… Continue reading The Amicus Podcast: Ep 04 with Tara Ollapally (CAMP Mediation)

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