First Person Accounts: Roshni Menon on the Chevening Scholarship, applying for the King’s College LL.M.

I did not want to do a master’s degree for the sake of doing one. Because to my mind, it is more than just a career milestone – rather, it needs to serve some predefined purpose.

#StudentCorner: I want to pursue an foreign LL.M. This is why.

Being in my fourth year of law school, I often face dilemmas where different bits of advice are offered by different people. I’m still conflicted as to whether I should obtain some work experience and then go abroad or jump right in. And I also deliberate over whether an LLM degree would serve me better or a JD

First Person Accounts: Vineet Hegde on the Georgetown LL.M., PhD at KU Leuven

I know I have also made some friends for life. I have taken up learning a new language, trying my hand at a musical instrument, abstract painting, reading books in my mother tongue etc. Bottomline: zero regrets.

First Person Accounts: Shubhi Pandey on the LL.M. at Seoul National University

The main benefit of living in a city such as Seoul is the cultural exchange that one can experience. Seoul has so much to offer. The people are warm and welcoming here. You get a lot of exposure.

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