Some Expert Advice: Enrolling at the Ontario Bar as an International Lawyer

Riya P Raaj on the GP LLM at University of Toronto

The path does not get easier, it’s a series of exams, each increasing in time and mental capacity. I am not saying this to discourage anyone, just to prepare you for what you are about to undertake.

First Person Accounts: Ishan Arora on the Paralegal Diploma at Fleming College, Canada

Ishan Arora tells Amicus Partners about his experience with  Fleming College's Paralegal program.

The Ontario college curriculum design is focused on producing graduates with immediately transferrable skills. Practical application is as important to successful completion as a good theoretical foundation is.

First Person Accounts: Riya P. Raaj on the GPLL.M. at the University of Toronto

Riya P Raaj on the GP LLM at University of Toronto

Think about the course that calls to you, that you can proudly say you hold a master’s degree in. What you can proudly say, not your family and not society. Do an LL.M only if you want to.

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