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The Indian legal market, in terms of sheer numbers alone, is immense. As of April 2, 2018, the country’s official regulator, the Bar Council of India had accredited more than one thousand law schools (1,154 to be exact) across the country. At a conservative batch size of one hundred per law school, that is more than one hundred thousand law graduates every single year.

A growing number of whom are looking towards pursuing graduate studies outside the country. 

At the same time, the Indian market can also be an extremely daunting one. Given the sheer size and diversity, developing an outreach and recruitment programme comes with its own set of challenges.

Which is where Amicus Partners comes in. 

Amicus Partners can help you design and execute customised media campaigns, help you reach out to the right group of prospective LL.M. applicants and a whole lot more.

Over the years, we have helped our clients increase their LL.M. applications from India by 150% in just over twelve months!

How much it will cost?

Typically speaking, media campaigns start at  $1,000 per month, and go up all the way to $5,000 per month. 

We are happy to set up a one on one 30-minute session completely free of cost!

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