The Amicus Interviews: Professor Petra Butler on International Commercial Arbitration, legal education & more

Research and writing are creative and the environment a researcher needs to flourish will be very individual. The best a university can do is to create an environment where there is space for each researcher to be creative. 

The Alternates: Annie Philip, Saahas Zero Waste

We live in a world which really allows us to be innovative with the work we would like to do. So, take that risk to try out what you truly like. And don’t worry if things don’t work out, a law degree is a fantastic safety net and you can always come back to more traditional careers.

We are working with every applicant to find a viable solution! – UNH Franklin Pierce Law School’s Sarah Dorner

We understand flexibility is critical right now, so please reach out if you want to discuss your individual situation and we will work with you to find a solution!

The Amicus Interviews: Professor Reena Patel (Part I)

The breadth of the curriculum, covering 60 courses over 5 years itself was a huge change and brought many new, multidisciplinary course offerings that had never been taught, such as Law and Rural Development, Environmental Law, among others.

Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Indian law schools, legal education & more (Part II)

Law schools need to create incentives to enable students to take up work that they are passionate about, rather than doing a bewildering number of internships for the sole reason that other law students are.

The Amicus Interviews: Nishant Gokhale on Harvard Law, Gates Cambridge & more (Part I)

The LL.M. is a broad-ranging experience so the purpose cannot be anything but subjective. Ask yourself why you want to do it and this will likely yield answers to when and where you would like to pursue it.

First Person Accounts: Bikram Chaudhuri on the Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LL.M., QMUL

Bikram Chaudhuri is a dispute resolution lawyer who opted for the LL.M. in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution at Queen Mary University of London

For me, the fact that a candidate has an LLM degree is not automatically impressive. What matters is whether the degree and the experience have added any real value to him/her.

First Person Accounts: Vanya Rakesh on the LLM in Law & Digital Technologies, Leiden University

Vanya Rakesh is currently enrolled in the LL.M. in Law & Digital Technologies at Leiden University.

Vanya Rakesh is currently enrolled in the LL.M. in Law & Digital Technologies at Leiden University.

The Amicus Interviews: Deborshi Barat on the MALD at Fletchers, legal research & more

Deborshi Barat is a PhD scholar at the Fletcher School, Tufts University the same institute where he completed the MA in Law & Diplomacy as well as an LL.M.

The famous collegiality of the Fletcher ‘mafia’ is a different experience altogether, and one learns a lot from one’s peers as well, especially because the range of perspectives, nationalities, professional backgrounds, and world-views is staggering.

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