INBA’s LLM Fair on April 25 (Delhi) and April 27 (Bangalore)

The Indian National Bar Association will be conducting their annual LLM fair this month across the cities of Bangalore and New Delhi. The fair will see participation from a number of law schools including the likes of: Monash University Koc University University of British Columbia UC Davis School of Law The events will also see … Continue reading INBA’s LLM Fair on April 25 (Delhi) and April 27 (Bangalore)

First Person Accounts: Anushka Arora on the LL.M. at National University of Singapore, IPR specialisation & more

Sleepless nights, exams (6 hours long to 24 hours long), class presentations, moots, conferences, daily class grading’s, daily extensive readings for class, all in just roughly 10 months. I believe this was the main reason why I chose NUS from the options I had, as I wanted to train and push myself to limits I had never been too.

First Person Accounts: Ridhish Rajvanshi on the TRAIL+ program at World Trade Institute, Bern

Amongst the few available options, the WTI caught my eye for multiple reasons. The faculty and guest lectures associated are leading practitioners in the field. I have had the opportunity to attend lectures of Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, Dr. Arthur Appelton, Ms. Gabrielle Marceau, Dr. Thomas Cottier, Dr. Pierre Sauvé, various ambassadors to the WTO, WTO Appellate Body Members, etc just to name a few.